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Values, for which Canada fought in both world wars, are evaporating with each passing year, to the point that many Canadians now hesitate to wear the poppy. Though sacrifices that Canada has made to defeat Hitler’s war machine were remarkable, we hear less and less about them. As Canadian Slavs, we have a lot to say about that, and so we shall.   Canadian Slavs of all origins stood on guard for thee and fought bravely and unselfishly on all battlefields to which their country sent them. More often than not, they asked to be sent before their number came up. They were Canada’s most motivated soldiers and they were numerous. At the time when Canada’s population stood at 11,3 million, and when French Canadians wavered in their commitment, Ukrainian Canadians alone gave 40.000 of their sons and daughters to the war effort. Statistics on other Slavs are hard to get but we know that the Belarusians, Russians, Poles, Czechs and Serbs of Canada were equally motivated. They worked actively collecting money for the war effort and our Slav women knitted warm pieces of clothing for the soldiers.  

Thousands of Slav Canadian heroes like these risked life and limb to save us from Nazi genocide

They received hero's welcome with full honours upon return

The cost to Canada was enormous. More than 45.000 soldiers of all ethnic backgrounds lost their lives and 54.000 were wounded. The cost in economic terms was nearly 22 billion dollars. Canada produced some 14.000 aircraft and 800.000 trucks for the war effort. Canada’s politics were honourable but the Second World War was not about Canada, it was about the Slavs and their liquidation in order to make room for German expansion. The war was not about the Jews, though the Jews have suffered great losses which must be recognized and remembered. Hitler’s war was about “Lebensraum” (living space) and the Jews did not have a state of their own anywhere in the world. The war aims were clearly stated in Nazi literature:                                       If we want to create a Great German Empire’                                     we have to eradicate the Slav peoples.   Not only was the Second World War a war to destroy the Slavs, but it resulted in the undoing of Nazi Germany, because Germany failed and the Slavs triumphed. This victory had cost about 30.000.000 Slavic lives. This colossal genocidal war against the Slavs and in Slav homelands was the epicenter of war activity and all else can only be termed as hesitant nibbling on the periphery.   Canada had acted early and had declared war on the German Reich on September 10, 1939, while the United States took its time until December 7, 1941 and delayed major action in Europe until it became clear that the Soviet Union will defeat Germany in any case.   Let us fast forward to contemporary times and declare: I am wearing the poppy for the original reasons! When our fathers laid down their lives in the Second World War, they did it to stop German militaristic expansion, not to replace it with somebody else’s. They did not want the world to be ruled by militarism of the “master race” and they could not imagine that the world would be ruled by the militarized “master state” instead. The war to end all wars, as the IIWW was called, took us to the age of NATO’s perpetual wars of conquest. They told us that that was the aim of Communism and now that there is no Communism, the United States of America has become God of War. It maintains about 900 military bases in various parts of the world and spends on military as much as the rest of the world put together. America holds monopoly on peace and war. No war can take place without US approval and no peaceful state is safe without paying protection money to that God of War. Both, those who want to be left in peace, and those want to start a war, may do so only by paying off the Master State. Libya, where once Rommel roamed, is a case in point. A debt free, peaceful state of Moamar Gaddafi was ransacked in murderous rage by foreign invaders who now have to pay off NATO for its air support. It was an American President, George Bush senior, son of Hitler admirer, who proclaimed the New World Order under American supremacy. This term was just translated from the original German “neue Weltordnung”, proclaimed under Adolf Hitler.   The last time Canada declared war in its own name on another state was during the Second World War. That is now the prerogative of the “Master State” and Canada’s job now is to shut up and send troops to America’s own wars, most of them undeclared. George Orwell’s prophecies have become facts in our own lives. When the “Ministry of Truth” (Jamie Shea) declares that the bombing of civilian targets in Yugoslavia is “humanitarian bombing”, we applaud. Is that not the same relationship Joseph Goebbels had with the German people? One Volk, one Reich, one Fuehrer, one opinion!   Now let us come back to the Slavs again. It is apparent that American policies toward the Slavs are as territorial and imperialist as those of Adolf Hitler. In some cases they are identical. Break up of Slavic States, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia into smaller puppet states under NATO was a page from Hitler’s foreign policy manuals, particularly in the Balkans. NATO has picked the same allies there as Hitler. America may not have scruples but it has military might to boot. In Yugoslavia, American allies of two world wars, the Serbs, were vilified and traded for Hitler’s allies. The puppet states of Adolf Hitler who were butchering Jews were promoted to the pantheon of democracy, freedom and righteousness. Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania were promoted to NATO membership. Just as in Hitler and Mussolini occupied Yugoslavia, Bosnian Moslems and Kosovo Albanians are pitted against the Serbs. US policies, as Nazi policies, always preferred non Slavs against the Slavs, Moslems against the Christians and Catholics against the Orthodox. This secret poison formula is at work today in the US State Department as it was in the Reichskanzlei in 1940’s. The facts of history stare us in the face:   December 12, 1941, Romania declared war on the United States December 12, 1941, Bulgaria declared war on the United States December 12, 1941, Hungary declared war on the United States                     December 14, 1941, Croatia declared war on the United States December 17, 1941, Albania declared war on the United States   What are we to make of that? The answer is simple. Why design a new plan for the conquest of Europe when Hitler had developed this into German science? The only sure way to conquer the Slavs is by using Slavs against the Slavs. Two of the three branches of the Slav family are already under control and occupation of the God of War. No single Southern Slavic or Western Slavic nation exists anymore as a sovereign entity and pressure on Belarus and Ukraine are obvious and ongoing.   As the Canadian Slav Committee, we are keeping a keen eye on the developments and we have to repeat, this and every other Remembrance Day: Our history is being distorted, obscured and falsified systematically. Our holocaust was five times as great as the Jewish holocaust yet our children are taught in school that there was only one, (Jewish) holocaust. Soviet Russia alone had 27.000.000 dead in that war. It was the Slavs who defeated the Nazis, liberated Auschwitz and captured Berlin. We never diminish other people’s losses and we stand in solidarity with all the victims of the Second World War. Would the others please join?  Let us wear that poppy with pride and honour and not confuse NATO with those heroes of the last Great War.                        

German armies invaded Slav lands and surrendered to the Slavs

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ US VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN CAMPAIGNING FOR MEDVEDEV AGAINST PUTIN FOR RUSSIAN PRESIDENT  Infamous butcher of the Serbs, Joseph Biden, now meddling in Russian electoral process. Excerpts from the article you can read in full   1. Firstly, Biden praised Medvedev’s “personal leadership” in their meeting and stated unequivocally that the United States views Medvedev as a strong and powerful leader fully in command of his presidential powers. “For my entire career, when I sat with a Russian leader, I was sitting with one of the most powerful men in the world, and that’s how we still think of you. I mean that sincerely,” said Biden at his meeting with Medvedev.   2. Then, in a speech at Moscow State University billed by the White House as a demonstration of the “dual-track” approach which allows Washington to strongly criticize Moscow on issues of democracy, human rights and corruption, Biden mentioned Medvedev seven times (no mention of Putin) and cited Medvedev’s “freedom speech” extensively. “Medvedev said last week, ¬and I quote him ¬‘freedom cannot be postponed,’” said Biden. “Joe Biden didn’t say that. The president of Russia said that.”   3. Biden then endorsed Medvedev’s modernization agenda, calling for sweeping political reforms that would be in line with the contents of the “freedom speech.”   4. With Putin, Biden was cautious and lukewarm. He chose to ignore Putin’s stunning proposal for a visa-free travel regime between Russia and the United States, and put down the premier by indicating that such issues should be dealt with at the presidential level.   5. Wading even further into Russian electoral politics, Biden told Russian opposition leaders that it would be better for Russia if Putin did not run for reelection next year, reported The Moscow Times, citing two separate accounts from Russian participants at the meeting. “At the end of the meeting, Biden said that in Putin’s place he would not stand for president in 2012 because this would be bad for the country and for himself,” opposition leader Boris Nemtsov wrote on his blog.   6. The Moscow Times further reported that Gozman said that Biden told the opposition leaders that he had “looked into Putin’s eyes and saw no soul,” a deliberate move to disparage Putin before the Russian public.   The whole article here:    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     Native American Professor and intellectual, David Yeagley understands and condemns what was done to the Serbs. Please read his article below. 

David Yeagley: has long recognized

the cause of Serbia,

the last of the Mohicans

in Eastern Europe.”

David Yeagley is the

great-great-grandson of

Comanche leader Bad Eagle.

* * *

Soros in Serbia: The Plot to Plunder

by David Yeagley · December 2, 2009

George Soros, the globalist billionaire who condemns the concept of nationhood, who actively seeks to dissolve nations of the world, has a crooked, crippling hand in Serbia. Soros is intimately involved in the international betrayal of Serbia, and the theft of the Serbian province of Kosovo. Anti-nationalist, George Soros. Soros has “foundations” in Kosovo, and in Serbia. In 2008, Nathanel Kapner published an article about Soros as a Rothchild agent in the Balkans. SOROS has been operating his Kosovo Foundation For Open Society for over 10 years in an effort to usurp Serbian Christian culture in Kosovo & support the drug-running Muslim KLA. Because of his “Quantum Fund” that does business in Kosovo along with his weapons-dealing Carlyle Group, Soros wants to be free of any constraints by the Putin-sponsored Serbs. An independent Muslim Kosovo is also in the interest of the Rothschilds because it is the “Serbian Kuwait” with its enormous reserves of lead, zinc, gold, and coal. Soros has invested millions of dollars through his International Crisis Group in an effort to possess Trepca for the Rothschilds a rich mining area in Kosovo. Oil interests also figure into an independent Kosovo for Soros and the Rothschilds. Like most globalist visionaries, Soros professes a messianic calling to save the world, when all he’s really doing is taking financial advantage. With more intelligence than most world players, the roguish financier merely manoeuvers for personal gain. Soros, a Hungarian Jew who pretended to be Christian to avoid Nazi persecution, and who persecuted other Jews to their deaths, despises the idea of nationhood, and especially Christian nationhood. He believes that ethnicity is equivalent to tribalism, and in the name of French Jewish philosopher Henri Bergson, Soros condemns human separatism as the cause of all social problems, and advocates the dissolution of all nations–in the name of a global government, in which he and those like him expect to have exalted positions of incomprehensible power. The modus operandi, of course, are the NGOs (non-government organizations)–which exist entirely, exclusively, and precisely to overthrow existing governments and to replace them with globalist regimes under the control of the world elites. Soros is names as one of several who push their anti-nationhood, anti-sovereignty agendas through this means. Says the Underground Serbian Café: In fact, if one would want to single out the most widely despised, distrusted and disliked segment of society in Serbia, the Western-funded NGOs would be the undisputed champions. Nataa Kandiæ of Soros Open Society, Sonja Biserko of the Helsinki Committee, Borka Paviæeviæ running a Centre for Cultural Decontamination, Biljana Kovaèeviæ Vuèo of YUCOM and Sonja Liht running Belgrade Foundation for Political Excellence are personally responsible for triggering more barf throbs among the Serbs than the slimiest glob of creatures wriggling in a pond of puss could produce. (Remember that other Finnish connection, Martti Ahtisaari, the UN envoy who made very suspicious deals with Albanian “mafia” and supported the independence of Kosovo?) Sonja Biserko, NGO rep determined to dissolve Serbia, talking with Zoran Radojicic, who happens to be the chairman of the Arbitration Tribunal of the Summer Olympic International Federations. He is a Montenegran. Biserko is Croatian. Indeed, the anti-Serbian NGO’s all work together. Here is their profession: Serbian Human Rights Defenders at Risk They are essentially the ACORN of the Balkans. In the name of “freedom” and “democracy,” their aim is to destroy the nation. In the name of “human rights,” they propose the deadliest tyranny of all. It’s the old Communist ploy, actually. In the name of “equality,” they assert their own control. has long recognized the cause of Serbia, the last of the Mohicans in Eastern Europe. The last barrier against the invasion and triumph of Islam. The only reason the western Christian nations do not support Serbia is because of the indefatigable courage and determination of the Serbian people. The West casually writes of Serbia as the cause of trouble in the Balkans, when the West is obviously interested in profits to be made. Serbia then is attacked from two sides, both of which are apparently coming from one source: globalist profiteers. In the name of western democracy and freedom, western nations condemn Serbia, but they do so only in conjunction with globalist, anti-nationalist forces. I am most bewildered and sad to say, the United States is part of this anti-Serbian campaign. To this day, I consider this the most unfounded betrayal in the modern history of America. Globalists, whether Democrat (Clinton) or Republican (Bush) have all contributed to the onslaught of Serbian sovereignty. In their blind lust for power, the “Christian” globalist leaders are willing to let Islam smash a Christian nation, in order to profit thereby. Though the media scarcely mentions it, the Kosovo Independence phenomenon is simply about allowing Islamic Albania to get an upper hand over Christian Serbia. To these globalist power players, nationhood and religion are just toys, manoeuvers, or techniques. There is nothing sacred about nationality, or ethnicity, or religion. As Soros preaches, that’s all tribalism, something to be overcome. Nationhood is something to advance beyond. Religion is something to rise above. It is time, globalists say, for the nations to surrender to the mild sway of the messianic elitists.   Please click here and thank David for speaking truth about Serbian suffering:  Send us a copy also:   Our Letter to David Yeagley: Dear Sir, I was really humbled and stirred up by reading your article Soros in Serbia: The plot to plunder. Your knowledge and analytical skills on the subject are amazing. As a Native American, you seem to have an uncanny ability to identify and pinpoint evil machinations even when they are committed to a small and distant European nation. It is also ironic that the same satanic forces which have ethnically cleansed your indigenous people, have now returned to practice their genocidal skills on the Serbs, accusing them of inventing “ethnic cleansing”. I want to thank you for speaking out in spite of the noise of Soros’ money counting machines. You come out loud and clear, the Serbs and all the Slavs can hear you! After devastating your people and lands, they are now coming for the Slavs and their natural resources and they are just as brutal, savage and deceitful as their gun toting ancestors. Please let your people know that we feel their pain, we always sympathized with your people and now we feel the sadism of your killers on our skins. I want to thank you on behalf of all the Serbs who only want to be left to live in peace on their own native soil. With your kind permission, I would like to post your article on our website. (Permission granted) We honour the maligned indigenous peoples of North America and wish them all a speedy recovery from ethnic cleansing and genocide perpetrated on them in their ancestral lands. To this end, we show you several photos in appreciation of their culture.

C.S.C photo 2010

C.S.C photo 2010

C.S.C. photo 2010

C.S.C. photo 2010

* * *

HOW ECONOMIC COLONIZATION GETS LABELLED “PHILANTROPHY” Some facts about this “philanthropic monster” GEORGE SOROS   Soros and the Democratic Party By Sandhya Jain  2008 Issues > March 16, 2008  Devil It is well known that Soros played a key role in the Asian Crisis of the 1990s, and the “coloured” revolutions in former Soviet Republics. Devil Soon after the Asia Crisis, Soros himself claimed: “If there was ever a man who would fit the stereotype of the Judeo-plutocratic Bolshevik Zionist world conspirator, it is me.” (Sydney Morning Herald interview, November 15, 1997). Devil Australian writer Peter Myers notes Soros played a major role in restructuring the Polish economy along with former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker (later North American chairman of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission); Citibank vice-chairman H. Anno Ruding (ex-IMF); and Harvard Professor Jeffrey Sachs. A key role in spreading the “free market” economics that has destroyed nations is played by the Soros’ Open Society Fund, its network of institutions and foundations, not to mention human rights NGOs. Devil In Serbia, until the 1999 NATO bombings to subdue Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, the Soros Fund operated a Civil Centre in Pristina, Kosovo, to fight for the national independence of the Albanian Muslim majority. In Belgrade, it operated “Radio B-92,” which played a major role in the anti-Milosevic student riots in 1996-97. Devil It goes without saying that such initiatives can succeed only if significant actors are removed from public life. A common trick is to malign them as “communists, fascists, reactionaries”; sometimes they are kidnapped and taken to The Hague for trial as international criminals (for crimes that cannot be proven). Still others vanish at the hands of “invisible death squads”; after the removal of Milosevic, a number of prominent persons were murdered in Serbia. The Soros Fund Management operates hedge funds with $US 18 billion in assets; these make large highly leveraged bets on movements in stocks, currencies bonds and commodities, thus playing havoc in foreign markets. Devil The Soros network of foundations and institutes stretch across Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Guatemala, Haiti, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Yugoslavia. They provide scholarships to Burmese dissidents and funds for radio broadcasts into Burma in support of Aung San Suu Kyi (naturally). Devil Western observers say that contrary to the conventional wisdom that socialism collapsed in Eastern Europe due to systemic weaknesses and the inability of the political elite to garner popular support, the role played by Soros was critical. From 1979, he gave $3 million per annum to Poland’s Solidarity movement, Charter 77 in Czechoslovakia and Andrei Sakharov in the Soviet Union (the latter recently claimed that the election of new Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was not free and fair). In 1984, he opened the Open Society Institute in Hungary and pumped millions of dollars to the opposition. By eroding established political structures, he helped pave the way for Eastern Europe?s colonisation by global capital. Devil Yugoslavia was targetted because the Slavs repeatedly elected the Socialist Party of Slobodan Milosevic. Then in 1991, Soros launched the Open Society Institute and pumped over $100 million to the anti-Milosevic opposition, publishing houses and ”ndependent” media like Radio B-92. When Milosevic was finally removed to The Hague tribunal, the charges of war crimes and genocide framed against him were collected (read made up) by the Soros-funded Human Rights Watch! Devil It is pertinent that for the West, an “open” society is not one that respects human rights and freedoms, but one open to western capitalist exploitation. George Soros has the knack of making a fortune in every country he works to open. In Kosovo, he spent $50 million to gain control of the Trepca mine complex, which has enormous reserves of gold, silver, lead and other minerals said to be worth around $5 billion. This was the modus operandi all over Eastern Europe; ruin a country and its economy and then move in to buy valuable state assets at throwaway prices.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Grandmothers of Ukraine proclaim that Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are one and indivisible

  Согласно опросу общественного мнения, проведенного Национальным центром политики и журналистики в 27 регионах России, 93 % респондентов высказалось за продолжение строительства Союзного государства. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TOP STORY

Stop the Murder of

Vojislav Šešelj!

TOP STORY | MEZYAEV Alexander | 26.09.2010 | 20:27
The trial of Vojislav Šešelj in the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) is entering a new phase which promises to be the riskiest one for the Serbian Radical Party’s leader since his imprisonment eight years ago. Bluntly speaking, the secret operation aimed at killing Šešelj is already nearing completion.The complexity of the situation stems from the fact that the trial became a quagmire but – due to entirely political regards – acquitting Šešelj will never even be considered. It is an open secret how the Hague Tribunal resolved a similar problem in the case of S. Milosevic, but at the moment the situation around the trial of Šešelj seems even more embarrassing for the prosecution as 13 of its witnesses stated right at the trial that they had testified under ITCY pressure. The witnesses reported being blackmailed into slandering Šešelj by hints that otherwise indictments against them would follow and by threats against their families. They also told about psychological pressure and sleep deprivation during interviews as well as about the prosecution’s offers of identity change and relocation to various Western countries in exchange for testimony. On September 19 I heard personally the accounts of the above presented by the witnesses at a Belgrade international conference on the trial of Šešelj.The official reaction of the Hague Tribunal to the revelations materialized in the form of the June 29, 2010 court order which greenlighted an investigation into the complaints that the witnesses had been forced to testify against Šešelj. The seemingly commendable step does appear alarming in several respects.First, the impression that it is the the prosecution that is going to be investigated is misleading. The judicial chamber actually ruled to appoint an amicus prosecutor authorized to decide whether there are sufficient grounds to initiate a proceeding against certain members of the prosecution. Secondly, it would be wrong to assume that proceedings could be initiated against Carla Del Ponte, Hildegard Uertz-Retzlaff, and Daniel Saxon. As prosecutors, not members of the prosecution mentioned in the ruling, they are not going to face investigation. What could the purpose of such games be ? Thirdly, the judicial chamber delegated the total authority to decide on the sufficiency of grounds to the amicus prosecutor. The question arising in the context is: shouldn’t it be the court’s responsibility to make the conclusion? Or is the court thus trying to avoid responsibility for the predictable conclusion that no sufficient grounds for initiating a proceeding against members of the prosecution exist? Fourthly, the judicial chamber left it to the registrar to designate the amicus prosecutor, which kills any hope for an unbiased inquiry. The registrar is no less sinister a figure than the rest of the ICTY top brass. Acting illegally and oftentimes immorally, especially in the cases of Milosevic and Šešelj, the registrar somehow managed to remain out of the spotlight. He banned the inmates’ meetings with visitors including their family members, appointed defenders who were clearly locked in conflicts of interests in the pertinent cases, and recently made the decision to cut off payments to Šešelj’s defense. Fifthly, the amicus prosecutor was supposed to be given a term of six months since his appointment date for the probe but still has not been appointed three months after the witnesses admitted to giving testimonies under pressure.The explanation behind the suspicious formulation of the June 29 order is that the tribunal neither wants the investigation to be carried out nor is interested in completing the trial of Šešelj. The ICTY is showcasing the judges’ fairness by having them issue an order potentially exposing the prosecution, but careful scrutiny reveals that the step taken by the tribunal is being sold as something much more serious than what it actually amounts to. That in itself is alarming considering that even the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia – a crime of much greater proportions than exerting pressure on the tribunal’s witnesses – was a subject of investigation which was eventually suspended. The Hague Tribunal needs to demonstrate its readiness to take Šešelj’s interests into account, but this is exactly the background against which a shattering blow to him – or even the murder of Šešelj – can be expected. It became known at the September 21 trial session that Šešelj suddenly began to suffer from heart trouble necessitating surgery. The ECG test showed extreme cardiac dysrhythmia and tachycardia, and the anomalies are too serious to postpone involved medical aid. Šešelj needs urgent screening and treatment by a panel of independent doctors, importantly – by those he personally trusts. Moreover, the panel must include a Russian specialist. Otherwise, the diagnosis will be no more profound than it had been in the case of Milosevic. Throughout the last six months of his life, Milosevic was hearing noises, had really bad headaches, and suffered a partial loss of hearing and eyesight. The description of the aid he received from NATO’s medical luminaries is shocking. M.D. Aarts opined that sclerosis was a normal phenomenon for a patient of Milosevic’s age. M.D. De Laat said the cause of hearing loss was unclear, did tentatively attribute it to cardiovascular problems, but mockingly suggested using a hearing aid appliance instead of earphones. M.D. Spoelstra’s recipe was to better adjust the earphones volume. M.D. Falke said a discussion of the above three doctors’ report with an otolaryngologist from the Bonovo hospital led him to conclude that the problem was owed to the patient’s age and could not be addressed. Doctor Paulus Falke still holds the post of the ICTY jail doctor and the public across the world should be aware of his role in the murder of Milosevic. He and Timothy McFadden, the prison governor responsible for Milosevic, manipulated the blood tests of the latter and concealed the results from Milosevic and from the court for months. Falke is also guilty of various other tricks such as maintaining parallel dispensing records containing different data on the medications issued to Milosevic. Are those who are indicted by the ICTY entitled to medical care? Normally they should be, as prescribed by the international human rights norms and the treaties on inmate rights. Are those who are indicted by the ICTY entitled to medical care of their own choice, that is, the medical care provided by the doctors they personally designate? They also should be, as recognized, by the way, in Article 31 of the tribunal’s detention regulations. The norm automatically stems from the presumption of innocence: the indicted person’s guilt not being proven, no limitations can be imposed on his human rights.Currently the task is to prevent the ICTY from resorting to the delaying tactic disguised as an attempt to appoint the tribunal’s own doctors and not to let it in any way contest Šešelj’s right to independently decide which doctors are to diagnose and treat him. There is a chance that an independent panel will find that Šešelj’s heart trouble is being deliberately provoked, and, consequently, any delays in admitting such panel should be regarded as efforts aimed at concealing the actual causes of the health condition of the inmate. The view should be to a maximal extent broadcast by the media and the world should be warned that the plan to kill Šešelj is nearing the final phase. Any available resources must be put to work to save the man. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HOW TO SILENCE CONDEMNED AND VILIFIED PEOPLE IN A CANADIAN INTELLECTUAL SETTING…  IMPORTANT NOTICE  For those of you who were planning to attend our Information Session on the History of Kosovo, I regret to inform you the University of Toronto has forced us to cancel this event. They have requested that we pay hundreds of dollars that we do not have for a campus police presence.  We will work hard with other Serbian student groups to bring you top quality speakers on other occasions in the coming weeks.    Marko Kundacina President, UofT Serbian Students Association ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  MOSCOW, RAMADAN 2010   THEY KNOW THEIR BUSINESS, DO WE???    THE SREBRENICA FRAUD HOW TO KILL TRUTH AFTER MURDERING OVER 3000 SERB SLAVS The process of demonizing the Serbs at any opportunity, all the time, is standard operating procedure in Washington D.C. Thousands of experts are employed in finding ways to demolish an innocent nation inhabiting its own ancient homeland in the Balkans. American “think-tanks” are more lethal than any tank made of steel. Republican, Democrat, Republican, they all have the same vision for the Serbs and Serbia. Blame, destroy, diminish, eradicate, exterminate. This is Washington’s “final solution”. Just as the Jews were an obstacle for the Third Reich, the Serbs are deemed an obstacle for American expansion  and conquest in the European subcontinent and beyond. But why the Serbs??? They will never tell you this, so it is our duty to reveal. It is because the Serbs are SLAVS and The Americans are cowards who do not want to tell you that they have Hitler’s goals of liquidating the Slav peoples. They will first declare one Slav nation as a problem and when the job is done, they will move on to do the same to the next, until they can subdue the rest of us and steal our wealth and resources, enslaving the remaining few. It now becomes clear that the Americans fought Hitler out of envy and not out of indignation as they would like us to believe. You will have to think for yourself in order to decipher what is actually happening and what are the real reasons for America’s pogroms against the Serbs. Listening to the organized media and their stories will get you even more confused but that is up to your own intelligence to handle. America has picked up Hitler’s pieces, strategy and Hitler’s allies to complete his job for her own selfish interests. Here we have some Jews who have seen Hitler’s hallmarks in America’s Serb policy and said: “Hey, I remember this, they did that to us before”. But when the Jews say “Never Again!” only the small Jews and a small number of them think that murdering Serbs is not kosher. We thank the Jews of www.israpundit for speaking out. May you multiply by G~d’s grace! Please write and tell them that you love them. Please visit their website and learn the truth hidden from us;    They ask:  What is this monument inscribed in Arabic script doing in Srebrenica (Potocari village), Bosnia? What is ex-president of the United States, Bill Clinton, doing here at the unveiling of this Arabic-inscribed monument dedicated to fallen al Qaeda Mujahedeen fighters in Srebrenica-Potocari, Bosnia? Why is Clinton bowing to this monument?  WHOSE SIDE IS HE ON?

Clinton praying for Mujahadeen

Bearded Arab jihadist savage promoting his Islamic civilization in Bosnia by ridiculing the indigenous Serbs they kill.

American sponsored Islamic mass

murder that never makes the news‏


1994 Ukrainian artist's interpretation of attacks on Serbia

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DOES AL QAEDA HAVE A SPOKESPERSON IN THE CANADIAN PARLIAMENT?   We apologize for confusing our readers but Mrs. Fiola is in fact Mr. Robert Oliphant, M.P.  Robert Oliphant lives in Sherwood Park, Toronto with his husband,  Marco Fiola…   Oliphant and Fiola were married in 2005, soon after same sex marriage…More here: Normally, we would not be talking about this subject, but our mission is to defend Slavs from organized chauvinistic hatred in this country and we can not remain silent. We are responding to Robert Oliphant’s Private Member’s Bill in the Canadian Parliament calling for Srebrenica Remembrance Day. Mr. Oliphant is a Liberal Member of Parliament for the Toronto Riding Don Valley West. Srebrenica Remembrance Day in Canada? Is that not on another continent Mr. Oliphant? Are you not out of your jurisdiction? Srebrenica is in Republika Srpska, have you consulted the Government of Republika Srpska about this? Of course not, because you are promoting the Al Qaeda version of the Srebrenica tragedy and you do not want to bother either with facts, truth, justice or reality. You want to push through the Al Qaeda version of the story before facts reach the Canadian public. We also find that you are Treasurer-Secretary of the Canada-Pakistan Parliamentary Group.  If you had any scruples Mr. Oliphant, you would quit Canadian politics and go to work for Osama bin Laden or stay on the Parliament Hill and quit your subversive Islamic liaisons. We hope you would choose the latter because Osama would hang you for being a homosexual. You can do whatever you want but you can not have a conflict of interest while representing the people of your riding. If you intend to promote only the Jihadist version of Srebrenica events, you will suffer political consequences. If you want to work with victims of both sides, you will find a pool of good will and your Private Member’s Bill will have a chance. It is incumbent upon you to prove that you are not in league with the terrorists and that your views substantially differ from theirs. Need I remind you that Canada has soldiers in Afghanistan who are dying to defend that country from the kind of people you are promoting?   Picture taken from Robert Oliphant’s website Mr. Oliphant, you obviously have a lot to learn about this issue, but you can do it if you have an open mind. You can follow these easy steps. Let us start with the name of the place you are so hang up about. Maybe you will actually have some credibility if you can pronounce the name of the place. IT IS NOT SEBERNICA! It is SREBRENICA. Your al Qaeda friends can’t pronounce it either because it is a Slavic word. The second wise step you could have taken would have been to consult Canadian experts on the issue and not your jihadist palls. You could have asked the eminent Canadian expert on the issue, General Louis McKenzie who was on the ground in Bosnia as a commander. You could have also asked Scott Tailor of the Canadian Armed Forces or Canada’s foremost diplomatic expert on Balkan issues, former Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Albania, James Bissett. How come we have done that and you did not think it necessary? Here is his message for people like you:  Ambassador James Bisset on Srebrenica, Jasenovac  =>   Mr. Oliphant, did you consult the other side of the story or do you only hold the Al Qaeda version of Srebrenica to be legitimate? If you are not a paid agent of Canada’s enemies and you have sincere interest in the issue, you will be helped and we will guide you through the learning process. You must know the facts and background of the issue before you jump to make political hay out of Srebrenica. You first need to know who were Canada’s allies there in the Second World War and who embraced Hitler’s genocidal policies. The father’s of present day Srebrenica Moslems were wearing Hitler’s SS uniforms and exterminating Serbs and Jews in a beastly orgy of genocide. They were called the Handzar SS Division. This quote from Heinrich Himmler confirms that the love affair with Bosnian Muslims was a mutual affair: Himmler: “Muslims responded to the call of Muslim heads and joined our side because of their hatred of our joint Jewish-English-Bolshevik enemies, and because of their belief and respect for the one we place above all — towards Fuhrer.” You can see that here:  The Jews are of course interested in their own losses and they have their own site telling you what was done to them:   While in Ottawa, Mr. Oliphant, why not pay a visit to the National Library of Canada and borrow the 1943 book The Serbs Choose War by a Jewish woman who gave us passionate eyewitness accounts of what the Serbs were doing to save the Jews while the Bosnian Moslems were butchering them for Himmler and Hitler. The bar code on the book is: 3 3286 50042 7352    In the aftermath of the Second World War, when the Nazi ideology was removed from the region, Serbs Moslems and Croats of Bosnia lived in peace harmony and equality. At least that is what the Serbs believed until Islamic fundamentalism of foreign origin started organizing jihadist movement in Bosnia and Hercegovina, a constituent republic of Yugoslavia. While the Germans first had the Fuehrer and then Mein Kampf, in Bosnia, their version of Mein Kampf came first and produced the Islamic Fuehrer; Alija Izetbegovic. Like in Germany, the Fuehrer wrote the book and Alija Izetbegovic authored the Islamic Declaration (Islamska Deklaracija). You can read that book in English here:   Do you recognize the Al Qaeda ideology in that book Mr. Oliphant? Could it be a plagiarized text from Osama bin Laden’s hate literature or is it an original work of a European gentleman?    Consistent with this terrorist ideology, the Bosnian Muslim jihadists sought to create an Islamic state and achieve a dominant position vis a vis their Christian neighbours, Serbs and Croats.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AN OPEN LETTER TO THE CANADIAN PUBLIC: Earlier this month, the honourable Robert Oliphant, Member of the Liberal Party of Canada and M.P. for Don Valley West, introduced Bill C-533 into the House of Commons, calling for the establishment of a national day of remembrance in Canada called Srebrenica Remembrance Day. In what is clearly a blatant attempt to turn the complex and multisided human tragedy of the Yugoslav Civil Wars into a one-dimensional political talking point, the honourable Robert Oliphant ignores completely the full context of the Srebrenica Massacre and the countless brutal war crimes committed by Bosnian Muslim forces and their Al-Qaeda-linked Mujahedeen allies against Serbian civilians and other ethnic minorities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. In order to put pressure on the ruling Conservative Party of Canada, and in the name of cheap political points and partisan politics, the honourable Robert Oliphant and all those supporting Bill C-533 are attempting to simplify a multisided, multiethnic civil war in order to portray one side in the conflict as victims and the other as aggressors, while at the same time completely ignoring and thereby shamelessly insulting the tens of thousands of innocent Serbian civilians who were brutally murdered during the Yugoslav Civil War. In fact, many of those killed met their end at the hands of Bosnian Muslim soldiers and paramilitaries. The Serbian community of Canada and all Canadians who value truth and justice over partisan politics wish to turn the honourable Robert Oliphant attention to some key issues that he has regrettably chosen to ignore and brush aside: The Serbian people were the victims of not one but three genocides during the 20th century: o Hundreds of thousands of Serbian civilians were brutally massacred by Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman and Bulgarian forces during the First World War. Many of these crimes were committed by Bosnian Muslim forces fighting on the side of Austria-Hungary against the Serbs, a fact well documented by such war crime investigation pioneers as Dr. Archibald Rudolph Reiss. o During the Second World War, many Bosnian Muslims joined the Nazi puppet Independent State of Croatia and contributed to the extermination of hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews and Roma peoples in concentration camps such as Jasenovac and Stara Gradiska. In fact, the SS Handschar, one of the thirty-eight divisions of the Nazi Waffen-SS, was formed largely from Bosnian Muslim recruits bent on exterminating and ethnically cleansing the Serbs, Jews and other minorities on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. o Throughout the Yugoslav Civil Wars of the 1990s, the Serbs were the victims of multiple campaigns of genocide and ethnic cleansing on the territories of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina orchestrated in large part by the direct descendents of the SS Handschar, who attempted to realize Alija Izetbegovic dream of an ethnically and religiously pure Islamic Bosnia as outlined in his supremacist manifesto, The Islamic Declaration, which was first published as early as 1970. The simple fact is that the Yugoslav Civil Wars were a multisided, multiethnic civil conflict whose complex nature cannot be reduced to a one-dimensional good ‘guys versus bad guys’ scenario. Any attempt to do so is a blatant insult to the intelligence of the Canadian public and to the memory of all the innocent civilians who perished in that war. Regrettably, the honourable Robert Oliphant makes no attempt to properly analyze the full context of the Srebrenica Massacre. I wish to inform him that prior to the Serbian forces taking the Srebrenica enclave in July of 1995, the enclave itself was being used as a staging area for military operations by Bosnian Muslim paramilitaries led by Bosnian warlord Naser Oric. These paramilitaries, aided by Mujahedeen terrorists from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, committed countless unspeakable war crimes in and around the towns of Srebrenica and Bratunac from 1992 all the way up to July of 1995. In fact, entire Serbian villages were raised to the ground, Christian churches destroyed, graveyards desecrated, and over three and a half thousand Serbian civilians were mercilessly butchered during those three years. Due to the fact that most Serb men of the region were conscripted into the Serbian army, Naser Oric and his paramilitaries almost exclusively targeted innocent civilians, including women, children, and elderly Serbs who had no ability or opportunity to flee the carnage. Once the Serbian forces entered the Srebrenica enclave in July of 1995, war crimes were undoubtedly committed and the Geneva Convention was violated. This is inexcusable and reprehensible, regardless of the circumstances. Nonetheless, many of the Serbian soldiers who entered Srebrenica had their families slaughtered by Bosnian Muslim paramilitaries, and to portray the Srebrenica Massacre as an isolated incident without a proper context is a direct affront to truth and justice. Furthermore, many questions about the Srebrenica Massacre remain unanswered to this day, including how many of the Bosnian Muslim men of fighting age who were allegedly executed by Serbian forces were in fact executed as prisoners and how many died in battle while trying to mount a retreat towards the Bosnian Muslim wartime stronghold of Tuzla along with Naser Oric and his paramilitaries. What is known and well documented, however, is the fact that the Bosnian Muslim civilians of Srebrenica, including women, children and the elderly, were assured safe passage to Serbia by the Serbian forces, which is more than the Bosnian Muslim paramilitaries ever offered the Serbian civilians of Srebrenica and Bratunac. Beyond the issue of Srebrenica itself, tens of thousands of Serbian civilians lost their lives throughout the Yugoslav Civil War of the 1990s, and hundreds of thousands were ethnically cleansed from their homes in modern-day Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The vast majority of these people were never offered the opportunity to recoup their losses, and to this day Serbia remains the country with the largest number of refugees and displaced persons in all of Europe. Furthermore, Serbia, unlike Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, remains the most multiethnic and diverse of all the Former Yugoslav Republics. With all of this in mind, the Serbian Community of Canada and all Canadians who value truth and justice demand a clear answer from the honourable Robert Oliphant as to why he believes that the lives of Serbian civilian victims who were murdered by Bosnian Muslim forces are worth less than the lives of Bosnian Muslims? Furthermore, we demand that he justify to the Canadian public why he does not feel that all the innocent victims of the Yugoslav Civil War deserve to be properly remembered, and why he is insisting that only Bosnian Muslims deserve a remembrance day? If there is to be a remembrance day, it ought to honour the memory of all innocent people, including the tens of thousands of Serbian civilians who died during the Yugoslav Civil War, and it should not serve a partisan political purpose. Moreover, if there is to be a remembrance day for the victims of genocide, then the Serbian people who suffered three genocides in the 20th century alone and lost millions of innocent lives in the process deserve to be remembered as much as anyone. Serbian lives are not less important! Serbian victims must not be ignored! The truth cannot be brushed aside! In the name of the Serbian Community of Canada, I invite the honourable Robert Oliphant to answer publicly for his actions, and I challenge him to defend his stance in a public forum. I am personally more than willing to engage him in debate on this important issue on any and all Canadian media outlets. Sincerely, Bojan Ratkovic Founder and President of the Serbian Youth League of Canada ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Српско филозофско друштво Универзитет у Београду Ректорат Радио Београд II Печат НИН ЈАВНИ ПРОТЕСТ ПРОТИВ АКАДЕМСКОГ НАЦИОНАЛНОГ САМОПОНИЖЕЊА Као члан Филозофског друштва и његов бивши председник (1997–2000) овим путем прилажем свој најоштрији протест због учешћа нашег Удружења у акцији довођења осведочених непријатеља ове државе и нашег народа на конференцију „Асиметрични ратови, међународни односи и теорија праведног рата“, заказаној за 17-19 јун, о. г., на Филозофском факултету у Београду. На страну зачуђујуће сужен избор учесника – 14 иностраних без иједног домаћег референта (!) – насупрот тако сложеној интердисциплинарној теми. Зашто група иностраних учењака заседа у Београду о трошку наше државе? Да је ограничен само на то, протест би тицао научне струке и нашег слуганског односа „према свету“. Реч је, међутим, о нечему много важнијем од једне пуко филозофске расправе. Прави разлози за протест садржани су у томе што је: 1. организатор позвао неке од учесника који у озбиљној земљи ни у ком случају не би доживели гостопримство на највишем, академском нивоу; 2. што ће један од њих бити награђен почасним докторатом, а што ће остати као беспримеран догађај, нарочито ако се мотри према лауреатовим заслугама за исти. Ад. 1. Реч је, прво, о Мајклу Волцеру (Универзитет Принстон, СAД) – који контекстуално гледано није значајан као аутор цитираних књига, него као инте­лек­туалац који се ентузија­стички залагао за бомбардовање Србије. Помињем га као првог зато што ће му бити посвећен ће први део речене конференције. Други је Дејвид Лубен (Универзитет Џорџтаун, СAД) – који је идеолошки острашћено, с евидентно антисрпским политичким мотивима, нападао први зборник радова с ИЛЕКСА, објављен у САД (вид. The Philosop­hical Review, Vol. 111 (October 2002), No. 4, pp. 620-24). Трећи је Игор Приморац – бивши професор Филозофског факултета у Београду, касније осведочен борац против „српског нацизма“ и „српских геноцида“, такође заговорник бомбардовања током деведесетих година. Овај се није уздржавао да и бивше београдске колеге назива „нацистима“ (неки га сада весело дочекују, као организатори овог „симпосиона“.) Позивати у госте људе спремне да вам 1999. саспу бомбе, а деценију касније да вам се смешкају у лице док их китите почастима, представља запањујући случај самопонижа­вања и мазохизма, на који би морали да реагују сви који још имају националног достојанства и самопоштовања. Ко хоће, то може да ради при­ва­тно, али је недопустиво радити као представник било које националне инсти­туције (Филозофског факултета одакле долази организација, Минис­тарства науке, које је обезбедило финансирање тог вида „међународне сарадње“ и Београдског Универзитета који свему обезбеђује најсвечанији тон). Као бивши председник Филозофско друштво Србије, те националне установе која је до сада увек водила рачуна о интелектуалној части и нацио­налном достојанству, протестујем и у име чланова који држе до самопоштовања и достојанства ограђујем се од овог чина, рачунајући да би таквим људима у озбиљној држави, ако би их неко и позвао, гостопримство сигурно било ускраћено. Учешће једног дела Филозофског факултета у овој акцији показује: ако никог не чуди што дотична „слободоумна“ институција у више наврата није била у стању да искаже трунку патриотизма (на пример у случају отимања Косова и Метохије као и многим другим, пре и после тога), ипак изненађује нова чињеница, да није у стању да се причува од учешћа у приватним акцијама нарушавања националног самопоштовања и достојанства домаће науке. Ад. Б. Овај протест свој последњи али и најзначајнији разлог има у скандалозној најави да ће професор Мајкл Волцер у среду 16. јуна у 11.00 часова свечано бити окићен почас­ним докторатом Београдског универзитета! Зна ли управа „славног“ Универзитета шта чини и кога у овом случају награђује? Има ли Ректорат Одељење за информације које обезбеђује увид у то ко уопште заслужује да од стране Ректора буде дочекан? Или можда сви укључени у овај скандал сматрају да су оптужбе и захтеви хар­вардског професора за хуманитарним бомбардовањем били оправдани до те мере да заслужује поменуту почаст? Хоћемо ли чути образложење? Изнад свега је скандалозно то што овај беспримерни догађај не изазива никакве реакције наше научне, културне, па и политичке средине. Ваљда је тако нешто природно, откако је наша држава угостила г-дина Бајдена, такође заговорника бомбардовања Србије. Пошто сматрам да је одбрана националног достојанства дужност а не тек повремен хир споредан у односу на промоцију личне каријере, својим протестом се супротстављам том саучесничком ћутању и пракси мазохистичког додворавања „извиканим именима“ по белом свету. Проф. др Милан Брдар Научни саветник Институт друштвених наука (бивши председник Српског филозофског друштва, 1997–2000) Мајкл Волцер, почасни доктор Београдског универзитета Копнена интервенција би била боља од бомбардовања Професор америчког Принстон универзитета Мајкл Волцер, један од највећих политичких филозофа 20. века, али и заговорник НАТО интервенције на СР Југославију, окитио се јуче почасним докторатом Универзитета у Београду. Докторат који је добио на иницијативу Факултета политичких наука уручио му је ректор Универзитета у Београду Бранко Ковачевић. Сам Волцер за „Ало!“ каже да је изненађен доделом овог високог признања. – Захвалан сам на подршци коју сам добио од Универзитета у Београду и надам се да ће људи у Србији схватити да се аргументи о теорији праведног ратовања не односе само на Србију него на све конфликте у свету. Ја сам критички подржавао интервенцију НАТО у решавања косовске кризе 1999. године. Очекивао сам да ће бити веома тешко да ми се додели овакво признање с обзиром на мој став о решењу кризе на Косову. Да не буде неспоразума, ја сам подржавао интервенцију на Косову, али се нисам слагао са идејом ваздушних удара, већ сам био за интервенцију копнених трупа НАТО с којом би, верујем, било много мање жртава с обе стране – каже Волцер. Он није променио мишљење о потреби интервенције на Косову, али каже да су се ствари промениле. – Косово је комплексна прича. Сада су Срби угрожени и мислим да је њима потребна помоћ – каже Волцер. Додела овог признања Волцеру изазвала је негодовање дела академске јавности, а професори Милан Брдар и Александар Јокић најоштрије су протестовали. – Позивати у госте и награђивати људе који су били спремни да вам 1999. саспу бомбе на главу, а деценију касније да вам се смешкају у лице док их китите почастима, представља запањујућ случај самопонижавања и мазохизма за један народ против кога би морали да реагују сви који још имају националног достојанства и самопоштовања – каже Брдар. Декан Политичког факултета у Београд Илија Вујачић, који је и покренуо иницијативу да се Волцеру додели почасни докторат, одбацује ове оптужбе. – Мислим да је то у равни дневне политике и не желим да коментаришем те оптужбе. Мајкл Волцер је највећи живи политички филозоф и додела почасног доктората ће подићи рејтинг Универзитета у Београду у међународним оквирима. О свакој личности могу се извести контроверзе, али професор Волцер није био идеолог НАТО бомбардовања Србије, већ такав поступак није осудио – објашњава Вујачић. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***************SPECIAL NOTICE***************  We have a large amount of Russian language books to give away. A long standing Russian language library in Toronto is liquidating its content. If you are interested in any of the books please let us know right away: ************************************************ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   OPROŠTAJ SA RADIO ŠUMADIJOM Posle 40 godina na talasima CHIN radio stanice u Torontu, poslednji program Radio Sumadije je emitovan u subotu 3. jula u 7 sati uvece po torontskom vremenu. Radio Sumadija je bila zacajna institucija srpske zajednice Kanade I uvek je bila  ‘na braniku vere I nacije’. Ali financije su primorale da se program ugasi. 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